Overview & Objectives

With 50 percent of the existing workforce set to retire in the next decade, the demand for skilled workers in trade professions is higher than ever and quickly becoming a national issue. The sheer number of jobs needing to be filled is staggering: 3.5 million manufacturing jobs, 22,500 welding jobs in the next 5 years, 115,000 HVAC techs by 2022, the list goes on and on. Today, 45 percent of employers globally report struggling to fill skilled positions, resulting in 2 million empty roles. To combat this skills gap, the need for a larger pool of replacement workers is crucial to the survival of trade industries alike and competition to attract new workers to their respective fields is intensifying.

2023 marks three years since the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) launched the Workforce Development Program dedicated to driving job applicants to positions in professional pest control and providing support to NPMA member companies in recruiting and retaining their talent.

“The timing is right for our organization to address the longstanding need for skilled workers in professional pest control. Our members have shared that the number one thing standing between their business and continued growth is a lack of workers – and when individual companies are unable to grow, the industry is unable to grow. The National Pest Management Association is taking action now to fuel and drive greater awareness around the many job opportunities, career growth possibilities and earning potential that exists in the industry today.”

— Dominique Stumpf, NPMA CEO

Program Objectives

  • Increase public awareness about industry careers and drive qualified applicants to PestControlJobs.com and Careers.PestControlJobs.com.
  • Develop partnerships with established organizations that serve targeted audiences to promote careers and career development programs to widen our talent pipeline.
  • Support NPMA members with their workforce development initiatives by developing recruitment and retention guides, training, and tools.

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